la agricultura del futuro

In these times, there is much talk about agriculture 3.0, mainly featuring the “smart” component, which is also gradually being introduced in people's lives.

This “smart” component is based on the idea that all the actors involved in agriculture (from the farmer, to the food producer, through the carrier or the inspection agent, but also some not-human factors such as weather or soil features) are connected, and that the information each of them provides is properly characterized and structured to achieve the best quality results with the lowest possible economic and environmental impact.

Thus, "metrology" applied to elements such as drones used for monitoring humidity or plant health, harvesters, fertilizer process, physical properties of agricultural by-products, etc is a key factor in this smart agriculture.

From Cereales Candelo we always wonder whether this will truly be the main feature of the NEXT AGRICULTURE, and in that effort we propose the following STATEMENTS:

  • Our activity has no other purpose than to be the base of QUALITY FOOD, both for human consumption (beers, pasta, flour, etc.) and for animals (fodder, etc.). Therefore, all the means that are implemented must pursue that goal.
  • Our activity starts with FARMERS, those people who work the land bearing the knowledge of generations as well as the power to improve (with their work force and their will) the agrifood sector.
  • In agriculture, traditional methodologies, despite being legit and offering an important return to community at the social and economic level, lack, in our opinion, from that GLOBALIZING and INTEGRATING factor that connectivity and smart elements can provide to the new agriculture that is to come. This translates into new and more direct INPUTS INPUTS (from demand information via social networks to evolution curves of humidity, rainfall, etc.), new opportunities for COMMUNICATION with producers, transformers or final consumers or new automated TOOLS that optimize time management and facilitate DECISION MAKING.
  • Of course, a BETTER COSTS STRUCTURE, and of course, a better EXPENSES-INCOME RATIO is another key piece for the adaptation of the sector to the NEXT AGRICULTURE, taking into account that there will be investments to be made and some disposable elements when trying to achieve a new and improved VALUE CHAIN in the agri-food industry.

But above all, what we are sure about in CEREALES CANDELO is that THE NEXT AGRICULTURE LIES IN YOU.